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Developing and perfecting our AMG power levels for more than a decade has offered customer-oriented ways of remapping (software optimization) that set global standards regarding safety, efficiency and performance.

We always write and reprogram the software (ECU & TCU) individually for our customers without using any tuning boxes but balancing what our customers want and what safety guarantees in every single project.

Successful AMG remapping provides all our customers with the power output and safety needed: In our software all necessary protective functions are permanently active and we’ve developed additional security features for engines and gearboxes to work reliably in the long run. Based on these approved principles of remapping, our portfolio ranges from Stage 1 to Stage 3 levels of performance.

"Creative Solutions and Results set breath-taking Records"

Combining performance and driving pleasure: Customized remapping on our modern dyno makes the perfect balance between power and driveability come true.
Our remapping of AMG gearboxes focuses on optimizing shifting behaviour (points, times, etc.) to ensure an even sportier driving experience as well as an improved driveability in comfortable city driving.
Are you interested in sportier sound and performance levels? We offer various hardware conversions for AMG, Porsche, BMW, VAG & SUPERCARS.
Building the concept

Our STAGE 1 is a fully customized software remap (timing, fueling, boost, etc.) on our state-of-the-art dyno (Dynostar RC-3300AWD) leading to impressive numbers on the Autobahn while leaving hardware untouched.

Our STAGE 2 is completely about maximizing the engine´s efficiency by integrating optimized parts to increase air flow (larger intercoolers, downpipes, etc.) resulting in an impressive output of additional performance.

Our STAGE 3 is the ultimate level of performance achieved by exchanging limiting internals (for forged pistons/rods, upgraded turbos, clutches, injectors, pumps, etc.) and reprogramming the software (ECU & TCU) making your ambitious visions come true.


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Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR

9FF AMG GTR Stage 3 850PS / 1000NM 100-200 4,59

Mercedes-Benz AMG C63S

Mercedes-Benz C63S Stage 3 100-200 5,43

Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR

Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR Stage 1 100-200 5,59

Mercedes-Benz A45S

Mercedes-Benz A45S Stage 2 100-200 7,96


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