With our own developing team we give you the service for adjusting the boost sensors also for your tuner. With the problem on the market that every tuner make a “mystery” about the boost sensors and scaling / adjusting, we want to help other tuner to fix it. We have many solutions ready so dont be shy and contact us.

Intake Manifold / Boost pressure Sensor solutions for example cars / ecu´s:

-RS3 / TTRS / RSQ3 MED17.1.62

-VAG 2.0 TSI MQB Simos12 / Simos18

-EA839 MG1 all Models

-Porsche 991.2 / 992

and many more….

Different Sensors for different models and ecus!

Pictures are only for example!

What you get:

-Sensors for 100% fit (P&P).

-Plugs Directly Into OEM Harness

-Calibration integration into your stock calibration file from your Car (additional charge).

-Support for your tuner.

-Fast delivery 24/48hours (additional charge).

4.0T EA825 4.0Bar MAP Sensors / Boost Sensors for Audi RSQ8, Audi RS6 / RS7, Porsche Panamera, Porsche Cayenne, Lamborghini Urus and many more.

Also available in Italy at Scuderia Forieri!

4 Bar Map Sensor, 4 Bar Boost Sensor, 4 Bar Pressure Sensor, Genuine BOSCH Sensors, Plugs Directly Into OEM Harness, 2.5 TFSI 4 BAR MAP SENSOR KIT, 4.0 TFSI 4 BAR MAP SENSOR KIT, 3.0 TFSI 4 BAR MAP SENSOR KIT , 4.0Bar Map Sensor Porsche 992, 4.0Bar 992 Sensor


Fill out the form with all required informations. After submitting your request, an technical engineer will process your request. Prices and payment information will be send to you after processing your request (24h-48h).

The calibration service is an optional service and will be charged seperately.

We dont provide any datasheets / calibration infos. If you buy only the sensors, we send only the sensors without any informations. KEEP IN MIND!